How to arrange small kitchen

How to arrange small kitchen

Small dimensions of apartments in city skyscrapers make inhabitants think on how to arrange all rooms in them most comfortably. Especially hard task is arrangement of small kitchen which space has to include places for preparation and meal, the place for storage of kitchen utensils and edibles and also all electric devices, necessary in kitchen.


1. For small kitchen of the most preferable the-shaped planning is. Availability of "corner" allows to make the room more comfortable and cozy, and thanks to angular cabinet, in it pretty capacious storage for ware, tableware and other kitchen utensils appears.

2. When choosing hinged cabinets for small kitchen pay special attention to the system of their opening and closing. Give preference to the cabinets having not swinging open doors, and those which rise by means of special accessories up. Visually hinged cabinets with transparent facades are capable to increase space of kitchen.

3. Floor cabinets with sliding designs, but not with regiments will excellently fit into small kitchen. Strongly they will be able save space, of course, not, but here considerably will simplify cooking process. You should not take out all its contents if necessary to get from cabinet what lies behind, and then to put everything back. The design of floor cabinets with transparent sides will allow you to see everything that is in them.

4. Especially carefully approach the choice of dining table. Great option for small kitchen is the folding table on one leg fastening directly to wall. The table is necessary – have decomposed, is not necessary – have removed.

5. Chairs for small kitchen also choose folding. In folded form they occupy place minimum, and if necessary such chairs can be hung up on wall.

6. Use the built-in kitchen equipment. It is much more compact than normal. You can increase work area, having placed the washing machine or the small fridge under table-top. Hide the microwave in floor or hinged cabinet or hang up it on wall by means of special holders. Choosing plate, give preference to the device with two rings, but not with four. Refuse acquisition of bulky extract. Stop the choice on compact, thin, charcoal filters.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team