How to arrange studio

How to arrange studio

The studio apartment will be suitable for creative people who like to change the living space often. Show imagination and use multipurpose furniture to make living space cozy and original.

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1. Think over that, how exactly you will separate the apartment into zones. In studio there has to be bedroom, kitchen, the living room and the bathroom. Rooms and zones have to separate from each other partitions. Do not do solid walls of gypsum cardboard. It will visually make studio less and will create effect of "clutter". The only exception – the bathroom, it has to be most isolated from other area.

2. Pick up light figurative partitions or screens that as necessary they could be moved. For more effective visual division of rooms use different floor covering. Make floor of zone of kitchen several centimeters higher than other space. Color registration of covering of each separate compartment can be miscellaneous. It will visually and symbolically separate apartment zones from each other.

3. In such apartment there can not be no at all internal walls and doors (except bathroom) therefore you need strong extract. Do not encumber space of studio, buy the compact transformed furniture. Buy folding bed, you can use instead of it the understanding sofa or chair. The padded stool on wheels which can be not only replacement of chair and chair, but also coffee table perfectly will approach interior of studio.

4. You should not gain large number of elements of decor, they will take too much place. For the small-sized studio apartment there will be enough several accessories (picture, pot or vase with flower and many other things). The decor can also be used as dividers of zones (screen, curtains, etc.).

5. Try to use as little as possible horizontal space, involve walls better. Hang up shelves on which books, the small TV, disks, ware and many other things will be located. – buy other option several highest, but not taking a lot of horizontal place, cabinets.

6. Partitions can serve as shelves too, and it is possible to separate kitchen from other zones by means of not too big bar counter. All other furniture also should be bought the small size. You have to have enough space to feel comfortable and is not closed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team