How to arrange the counter

How to arrange the counter

The position of the metering device interested not only homeowners or other real estate a little still until recently, but also supervisory authorities. Today in view of toughening of some technical and sanitary standards the arrangement of counters is one of important points at survey of rooms and the more so at delivery of it in operation.


1. Counters are different, we will begin with electric. The counter of the electric power has to be located at entrance to the apartment. With coins which has to stand on feng shui there it has no relation as in those days when this doctrine was created, electricity if existed, then only in the form of secret knowledge of priests of the highest dedication of the goddess Ishtar in Mesopotamia to clay pot. Here it is necessary to pray to other gods, not less terrible. But everything is much more prosy. After input to the apartment the branching of electrical circuit begins, and the counter has to consider everything!

2. Now how the counter according to requirements of Energonadzor has to be located. The counter has to be easily available to dismantling, repair and removal of indications, is strictly forbidden to hide it in some niche.

3. The counter has to be located indoors with temperature drops from 0 degrees to plus 40, no more more preferably; when mounting the counter on the street, according to requirements of Energonadzor it is necessary to provide isolation of the counter from impact of atmospheric precipitation and, in case of need, its heating.

4. Positionally the counter has to be located on height from 0.8 m to 1.7 m. The counter lower than 0.8 m is in exceptional cases allowed to have, but it is not lower than 0.4 m in any way. Special requirements at Energonadzor to humidity of the room, water well should not get in the counter in any way.

5. Be attentive, to separate types of counters of the electric power there are amusing requirements, for example, such as "the scheme of fastening of the counter has to provide vertical position of the device with an accuracy of 1 degree"! So attentively read the instruction to your counter.

6. With counters of water flow it is simpler and simpler, to them there are no special requirements, except for availability to mounting, illumination of installation site and possibility of removal of indications without the aid of mirrors. Separately obligatory availability of the electric shunt is specified in state standard specification in case the water supply system is used as grounding.

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