How to arrange the greenhouse

How to arrange the greenhouse

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The good gardener surely has to have greenhouse. By means of this design it is possible to achieve more big crops and also to receive vegetables earlier, than at cultivation in the open ground. But how to equip the greenhouse it is correct to create in it optimal conditions for growth of vegetables?


1. First of all choose the place for the greenhouse. It has to be located so that to attract the maximum quantity of sunshine, creating greenhouse effect. It is the best of all to put design far from trees and bushes that they did not cast on it shadow, but in the place protected from cold winds. Optimum arrangement for summer and spring greenhouses – from the North on the South, on the height, on the most solar site.

2. Choose materials of which you will do the greenhouse. The framework can be made at will of tree, plastic, steel or aluminum. And covering – from various films, glass or polycarbonate. The cheapest option – design from tree and film. But wood quickly decays, and the film is torn, it will serve all season. Therefore the metal or plastic framework and glass covering are more preferable, it is more expensive, but is more durable. Greenhouses from polycarbonate usually are on sale in finished form, they cost expensive, but are very strong, will not break in case of hail as glass.

3. When you choose the place and you will collect all materials for construction, prepare site under the greenhouse. It should be leveled and to bury slightly, having taken out soil on 50-70 cm. Establish framework. Glaze it or pull film, having beaten it by means of thin wooden rails. Greenhouses from polycarbonate collect according to the factory instruction which is attached to product.

4. In the greenhouse equip several beds. Best of all to raise them a little over ground level, on 50 cm and to equip with sides, then to plants will be warmer. Fill beds with branches and straw, from above put compost or manure, on them fill layer of fertile soil. As a result biomaterials will gradually decay in bed and to give to vegetables which you grow up, warmly and nutrients.

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