How to arrange the small children's room

How to arrange the small children's room

The children's room is the whole world in which the kid spends considerable part of time. Sleeping zone, game, for the place for storage of toys and clothes, table for classes it is necessary to find room in one, often very small square. The situation becomes complicated when two children live in the nursery. However even the smallest room can be made cozy and convenient.


1. Divide the children's room into zones. Allocate corners for games, study, sports classes, sleeping zone. Division can be visual – for example, by means of various floor coverings or variable coloring of walls. One more option – podiums on which it is possible to lift berths and they at the same time will become excellent storage for seasonal clothes or toys.

2. Do not mix zone. The child has to know where he can quietly play, without creating disorder. You should not demand that it constantly placed toys in places – better together with the kid to find for them convenient corners in game. Buy big boxes of different flowers – so it will be easier for child to be guided in the riches.

3. Equipping zones, do not forget about their lighting. Chandeliers under ceiling can be insufficiently. Instead of it install dot lamps. Light with brighter lamps work area, in game soft scattered lighting, and in sleeping - cozy night lamp is necessary.

4. If in the room there live two children, it is possible to establish bunk bed. To some children is more senior more sofas are pleasant – easy to put them in the mornings, and in the afternoon on them it is possible to play quietly, without being afraid to rumple bed or to bring down cover. Do not buy bulky beds in the form of carriages, boats and machines – they do not suit for the small nursery.

5. Instead of the cabinets and dressers occupying scarce space establish in the room the built-in furniture – the racks and niches which are closed sliding doors. Get rid of excess objects – heavy chairs, chairs and bedside tables. Instead of them offer children soft shapeless chairs bags, rocking chairs and padded stools.

6. Even in the smallest nursery try to find the place for sports corner. The swing suspended to ceiling, the Swedish wall, crossbeam and rings will take very few place, but will solve problem with lack of activity. It is quite good to allocate the place for creativity. Paste over part of wall with white wall-paper or normal Whatman paper – on them the kid will be able to draw.

7. Equipping game zone, consider sex of the child. Psychologists believe that boys need big open space for games whereas girls love cozy corners. They can be protected, having stood bed face in the corner. Rooms of girls can be made out in warm gamma, and boyish – in contrast cold combinations.

8. In the small room you should not be fond of large drawings on wall-paper. Stop on neutral background. Curtains, covers, upholstered furniture or the unusual lamp can become bright color spot.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team