How to arrange the small one-room apartment

How to arrange the small one-room apartment

Over question as it is better to arrange the small one-room apartment, it is necessary to break the head fairly. There is a wish that in the apartment there was all necessary for life, and at the same time that she did not remind warehouse where literally there is no place to turn. To increase its total and living space you not in forces, however to arrange it reasonable, rational and beautifully quite perhaps.


1. Some people living in one-room apartments try to increase visually them, taking down almost all partitions: between the room and kitchen, between the room and the hall. Perhaps, you should not act this way nevertheless. First, the cooking smell in the room will be felt then much stronger. Secondly, when opening outer door the stair enclosure will be visible, and there can be draft. At last, thirdly, in such apartment about any personal space out of the question, there is no place to retire simply unless in bathroom, and it is direct way to the increased nervousness and the conflicts.

2. It is much more reasonable to arrive thus: choose only the most necessary minimum of objects of use without which you will definitely not be able to do. In kitchen it is the fridge, washing and plate (gas or electric). The small dining table (if your family prefers to eat food in kitchen, but not in the room) can quite be made folding, fastening to wall. In need of its cover rises and fastens in horizontal position by means of stopper. It can quite be used as working surface when cooking. A lot of place will be so saved.

3. You store ware in hinged lockers. Try to do without floor. As a last resort, if there is not enough place for ware and tableware, make or order self-made cabinet under windowsill.

4. Instead of the oar doors creating "dead zone" where nothing can be placed put easy sliding doors of type of accordion at the entrance to kitchen and to the living room or hang up curtains from dense heavy matter.

5. For the living room try to get the clothes wall which are the most suitable by the sizes and functionality, it is desirable with angular clothes locker and with niche for the TV. If the programmer's corner with the moving-forward cover for the keyboard and vertical niche for the computer is provided in it, it will be fine. Compartment where there are strong regiments, use under library, and where regiments glass – for tea and glasswares.

6. As berth the displayed sofa with internal compartment box for bed linen will best of all serve. If in family there are children, it is desirable to pick up such wall which is already completed with bunk bed.

7. That the room seemed visually more, paste over it with wall-paper of warm and light colors (for example, yellow, pale-yellow) in vertical strip.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team