How to arrange well garage

How to arrange well garage

The garage is necessary not only for protection against rain and wind - it can be the comfortable parking for the car and warm workshop. To create optimal conditions in garage, it is necessary to arrange well its space.

It is required to you

  • - thermal insulation materials;
  • - waterproofing materials;
  • - electrotechnical equipment;
  • - heating device.


1. Choose optimum usloviyagarazh has to be dry, warm and light. There are several types of garages: metal, wooden, brick. In metal designs the machine overheats in the summer, and in cold season on it condensate is formed and it rusts. Pick up brick garage for the car – in it the easiest to provide necessary conditions. To maintain admissible humidity (50 – 70%) and optimum temperature of +5 degrees, carry out the following works: waterproofing of floor and roof, warming, mounting of ventilation and lighting.

2. Carry out protection against moisture Considering that at construction of roof this protection has been made, carry out floor waterproofing. Filling by hot bitumen of each of 3 layers of the roofing material laid at each other is for this purpose necessary. Carry out waterproofing in the form of the closed cover, stacking on all perimeter of garage. That there was no moisture on walls, make in addition vertical waterproofing of walls the same coating method. On the prepared surfaces carry out finishing work.

3. Make osveshcheniyedlya comfortable stay in garage not enough daylight. Mount general lighting of all space and local – on work areas. For ensuring ventilation establish exhaust asbestos-cement pipe, with a diameter not less than 150 mm. That exhaust gases and vapors of gasoline well were removed their rooms, the lower end of this pipe dispose closer to floor. Provide compulsory supply and exhaust ventilation, having mounted electrical system of extract.

4. Warm garazhotopleniye of garage it is possible to carry out differently: water or air type if the garage is attached to the house or with use of heat guns, the infrared emitter or other devices. Apply easy way – warm the small room with the fan heater equipped with the liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger. This device will provide air circulation and necessary humidity.

5. Make utepleniyedlya preservation of optimal conditions execute warming of garage classical materials: glass-fiber, polymeric or mineral-cotton. They are simple in mounting and have high fire resistance.

6. Establish oar or curtain gate in garage. On metal goods the condensate creating unnecessary moisture is formed from within therefore for heat preservation choose oar gate. Execute them on metal framework and sheathe lining. If economy of the place is important for you, stop on modern options: the lifting, developing or displaced types.

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