How to arrange well garden

How to arrange well garden

The garden is traditional vacation spot of many Russians. To make it it is cozier, more beautiful and more convenient, it is possible to invite professionals on gardening and landscaping. Other exit – to arrange well garden the hands that will involve much smaller costs.


1. Draw the plan of the site and designate on it all available buildings, perennial plants, landscape roughnesses, etc. Properly think over that from this it is possible to leave and that it is better to remove. For example, it is worth getting rid of the old, fruitless and inconveniently growing trees, shabby buildings and thickets of the run wild raspberry.

2. Draw new elements which you want to add on the modified plan. For example, paths, green hedge, beds and beds with ornamental plants, reservoir, etc. Surely allocate the place and for high-quality apple-trees and pears. Thanks to work of selectors they grow up not too high and very beautiful that will in addition decorate your garden. Planning, try to consider land relief arrangement of parts of the world. For example, you should not plant those plants which love the sun in the lowland, and it is better to dig out artificial pond in shadow.

3. Begin works on improvement with cleaning of the territory. Then plant new trees and bushes of green hedge. For high border it is possible to use privet or spireyu, for low take host plant. Bushes – not the only option for green hedge. Many perennial plants or flowers also will be suitable for it. Try to experiment!

4. Lay out artificial or natural stone of path – such look most effectively. That it has turned out more interesting, replace some stones with color tile or stones of other color. Spread path on sandy pillow. Also do not try to destroy all blades growing between stones – they look very decoratively.

5. Equip artificial reservoir. The place for pond has to be lit with the sun, but not directly, otherwise water in it will blossom. Too do not allow dense shadow – it can ruin water plants. Dig ditch about 80 cm in depth, fill up bottom with sand, cover with geotextiles layer, and from above – black film. On edge of pond lay out natural stone and fill it with water. That in reservoir larvae of mosquitoes were not got, it needs to be cleaned periodically by means of the water vacuum cleaner.

6. That the pond became the real ornament – plant in it water-lilies. Buying this water plant, consider that its different grades can grow with various depth of reservoir. For example, the grade of Murray grows at 25-50 cm of water, and the Golden-pink water-lily needs meter depth.

7. To plant water-lily, get wicker basket about 5 liters. Fill it with mix from 2 parts of clay and 1 part of peat on 2/3 heights. Plant water-lily and add still substrate. Stamp the earth and lay out its surface gravel. Then slowly lower basket in water to half of the recommended depth. After a while, when the first leaves will grow to surface, lower basket on bottom.

8. Near reservoir equip relaxation zone. Observation of water, its inhabitants and plants will present you lot of pleasure and will allow to distract from daily cares.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team