How to arrange well kitchen

How to arrange well kitchen

The kitchen is room where each of us spends much time where all family, friends and guests gathers. It is that corner which plays large role in family life and forming of our mood for the whole day. Therefore it is necessary to approach question of arrangement of kitchen in details. There are main regularities, following which, you will be able to create daily comfort and convenience


1. What the sizes and form were not your kitchen, it is necessary to provide free movement between plate, washing, the fridge, work table. Here the golden rule of 3 meters, t.e, three work areas works (washing-plate-worker table fridge) have to there are not less than 3 m from each other.

2. Surely think over lighting, not only the general, but also local, over work areas which, perhaps, is the most important than the rest. Mount additional sockets, provide powerful ventilation.

3. Separate your kitchen into zones: working, lunch in which on zone you will wash the dishes and to collect waste. So, the work area has to consist of plate, the fridge, cabinets, shelves, work table for cooking.

4. In spite of the fact that there is set of insulating materials, do not put plate or oven near the fridge, and in close kitchen, washing not the place opposite to electric stove. The lunch zone in the big kitchen can be separated working partition. In ordinary kitchens the dining table can be used as finishing. In small kitchen, it is possible to establish small bar counter which will serve as divider of zones.

5. In cleaning zone, it is possible to place washing, dish washer, cabinet for storage of harvest devices and means.

6. After configuration is chosen, resolve issue of household appliances whether it will be built-in. For kitchen of the small sizes – the built-in technology, is ideal option which will provide significant economy of space and will save from chaos. The question of compatibility of furniture and the built-in equipment needs to be solved at the initial stages.

7. In kitchen choose floor covering taking into account specifics of this place, namely, floor has to be resistant to hot splashes, dirt, is waterproof, its surface has to wash well, but, at the same time, not to be slippery. In this room it is possible to lay stopper, linoleum or facing tile.

8. If floor in kitchen uneven, choose furniture with adjustable legs and accessories. Pipes in kitchen can spoil exterior and design of the room, but they cannot be put somewhere, only to hide under decorative box.

9. Surely provide space between furniture and wall, about 2-3 cm. This free space is required for electrical wiring under various household, kitchen, electric appliances.

10. If you have decided to make kitchen to order, then insist on use in the lower design of furniture, special plastic legs. It guarantees you access to any place where can, something to be gone, thereby you will save yourself from need to move furniture and do not damage its framework.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team