How to arrange well owner-occupied dwelling

How to arrange well owner-occupied dwelling

Whatever sound and spacious the owner-occupied dwelling, but if it is not equipped with modern life support systems was, stay in it cannot be absolutely comfortable. The remoteness from city utilities complicates improvement of the house, but does not make it impossible. Installation of autonomous engineering systems allows to make life in owner-occupied dwellings of not less comfortable, than in well-planned city apartments.

It is required to you

  • - pipes and fitting for water supply system, heating and the sewerage;
  • - gas or diesel boiler;
  • - electric heaters;
  • - water submersible pump;
  • - gas or diesel power plant;
  • - construction tool;
  • - cement;
  • - sand.


1. Providing the house you elektroenergiyeypodvedit the electric power to the house. If nearby there passes the power line with voltage of 220 V, it will not cause any difficulties. Otherwise leading of separate line with installation of support under it will be required. Even installation of transformer station can be necessary.

2. If connection to the central power supply is impossible, acquire gas or diesel power plant of necessary power. Modern independent generators of the electric power provide completely automatic operating mode with tension parameters, in anything not inferior to parameters of the centralized power supply networks.

3. The vodoprovodayesla device near the house passes the center water supply system, be connected to it. For this purpose dig through trench from the base of the house to water pipe about 1.5 meters in depth. Lay in it plastic pipes, having spent them under the base at home to the basement. Carry out distributing of water pipes in the house. Connect pipe to the center water supply system and dig trench. It must be kept in mind that insert in the center water supply system needs to be coordinated with municipal service.

4. If the center water supply system is absent, dig out well or drill the well and lower in them the water submersible pump. Install on the attic of the house the warmed tank for water. Carry out distributing from it water pipes to all rooms of the house (kitchen, bathroom and so forth). Connect the highway of the submersible pump to tank. Equip water supply system with the operating equipment, in the automatic mode which is including or switching-off the pump depending on height of water in tank.

5. You domaustanovit heat supply in the house of the electric heater and mount heating contour with installation of the collector in the basement of the house. If it is possible, connect collector to the central heating system. If opportunity to use long-distance heating is absent, install the gas or diesel boiler in the basement of the house and connect it to heating contour. Provide automatic operating mode of the boiler, having equipped heating services with temperature sensors and the executive equipment which is including and disconnecting torches depending on indications of thermal sensors.

6. As fuel for boiler use gas or diesel fuel. If nearby there passes the central gas pipeline, bring gas from it. If the gas pipeline is absent, use diesel fuel. In this case get high-capacity tank and incidentally fill it with diesel fuel. For heating of the house it is possible to use and the electric power, however gas or diesel fuel will cost considerably cheaper.

7. As an alternative battery heating can suit water, cable or film heat-insulated floors. The choice of specific system should be made, based on comparison of various indicators – thermal characteristics, capital expenditure for the device, costs of operation.

8. The device of the sewerage Get ready septic tank or make it independently of concrete – in the form of the bilocular capacity of the rectangular shape deepened to the earth not less than on 1.5 m. The septic tank has to be located at distance from the base of the house not less than 5 meters. Arrange the system of filtration of the waste waters (drainage pipes and trenches) which are taken away from septic tank.

9. Establish in the house strut from plastic pipe of Du of not less than 100 mm. The top of strut has to pass in attic-floor room, bottom – to the basement of the house. Connect strut to septic tank discharge pipe of the same diameter, as strut. The pipe has to have inclination towards septic tank.

10. Connect to strut discharge pipe from toilet bowl. Make distributing of the pipelines which are taking away waste waters from kitchen, bathroom, the bathroom and so forth, having reduced them in uniform collector pipe. Connect the last to strut.

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