How to attach balcony or loggia to the house?

How to attach balcony or loggia to the house?

Before making balcony in apartment residential building, obtaining permission to its construction in architectural bureau is required. If the balcony is going to be constructed in own owner-occupied dwelling, it has to be previously included in the architectural plan of the building. There are various options of extension of balcony to private inhabited possession.

It is required to you

  • Different types of metal, the welding machine, bolts, screws, tree for timbering, concrete mix, decorative finishing materials.


1. The balcony can independently be made in two most widespread ways. For example, to strengthen it iron skids from below. Such type of balcony will be suitable for owner-occupied dwelling and for the balconies located on the first floors of multifamily houses.

2. To the earth under the planned balcony two metal rods which become stronger concrete below are mounted. Tops of rods will prop up future balcony. Then the metal design which can be ordered separately from experts cooks, or to cook it the welding machine on the place. The design has to consist of sides of parapet, front and floor surface of balcony.

3. This design is attached to the house. The metal rods which are propping up it are also fastened to balcony framework from below. In addition the balcony is attached to wall by two-three metal rails. Everyone rail passes in the building, is bent in it at right angle. The free end rails supports balcony design from below.

4. On floor of balcony the timbering in which the concrete layer is filled in is constructed (up to 10-15 cm of thickness). Concrete stiffens and the owner receives ready draft balcony. Then decorative finishing of balcony at the request of the owner follows.

5. If the balcony is going to build on the second above floors of the apartment building where there will be no opportunity to strengthen it rods from below – the second method of construction of balcony is applied.

6. From the apartment (from floor height) 3-4 metal rails move forward on the street. In the apartment they need to be strengthened, having bent on the wall. From above (on balcony height point) two metal rods which are carried out also from the apartment will support metal design of balcony from sides.

7. The welding machine prepares metal framework of balcony. All metal holders from the apartment have to be attached to it by bolts and welding carefully. Then you act, as in the first option. On floor of balcony the concrete layer is filled in. After its drying of wall, it is possible to trim floors of balcony with decorative materials, to glaze it at discretion and so on.

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