How to attach balcony to the house

How to attach balcony to the house

For a long time availability of balcony in owner-occupied dwelling was sign of prestige. However this constructive part of the building is capable not only to decorate the house, but also can become the wonderful vacation spot in summertime and also increase access of air and sunlight to the room.

It is required to you

  • - metal framework;
  • - armature;
  • - timbering;
  • - concrete solution;
  • - metal fence;
  • - handrail;
  • - glue-cement;
  • - floor tile;
  • - construction tools.


1. Establish metal framework of the attached balcony. The procedure this looks so: hammer reinforcing rods into wall, and then connect with them balcony framework. To increase framework durability, and, therefore, to make balcony hardy, establish the triangular metal support executed in the form of isosceles triangle with right angle under framework. "Legs" of this triangle adjoin in wall and to balcony framework, as a result of it "hypotenuse" of triangle also will be support.

2. In balcony framework lay reinforcing belt (stack armature so that its ends acted from metal framework a little: subsequently the balcony protection will be welded on these ends). Then establish timbering and fill in the balcony basis with concrete solution.

3. After the self-made concrete slab dries, remove timbering: it is not necessary any more as it has fulfilled the main destination – to give the form to concrete slab. Then weld metal fence on the reinforcing rods which are sticking out of plate, and establish balcony handrail.

4. On balcony slab fill in from above small layer of tie: this it is necessary for alignment of surface before facing by floor tile. Let's tie dry up. After that lay tile.

5. In that case if the balcony is attached to the house under construction, then will nominate the floor slab established between floors to balcony width. Weld on it protection and attach handrail. And after that revet balcony floor with tile.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team