How to attach curtains

How to attach curtains

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Often we pay more attention to the choice of fabric for curtain, to its pattern and combination to the general style of interior of the apartment. And what special in hanging up curtain on window? Ways to attach curtain exists a little, and some of them give to clothes for window special charm.

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1. Sew from reverse of ready curtain special tape with loops for fastening on standard curtain. Such ribbons are on sale in shops of woven accessories and in studio for portieres. It is universal way to attach curtains of any texture and exterior. In itself it does not bear decorative function, but is convenient in use. Tapes with loops allow to create any draperies at window.

2. Make from above curtains the round openings framed with eyelets - rings from different materials. For this purpose buy in set: eyelets, lyuversny tape thermobonding and special device punch. Choose material for eyelets on the taste. It is possible to make them less noticeable, on color of curtains and eaves. If you want to place emphasis on eyelets, use figured, brass, color and other decorative pads.

3. Do eyelets on curtains in such sequence: • Strengthen from above curtains from inner side tape for eyelets. With it rings will better keep and the blind will be draped more esthetically. • Calculate the necessary quantity of openings in curtain and do them the punch. Put two halves of eyelet from two parties. Small click – and rings are established.

4. Use instead of eyelets loops made of cloth on buttons. For them sew beautiful strips of the suitable size from the main portyerny fabric or pick up material for taste – for example, with vertical strips. Such loops look very attractively, especially on curtains without folds. That woven loops slid on eaves better and longer served, paste plastic arches from their inside (they can also be bought in draperies).

5. Sew for suspension of curtains on round eaves of eyelet tie. It is the best of all to issue them in the form of beautiful bows. They will slide on curtains not really well. But such bows very lovely, especially in the children's room or in the bedroom of the very young girl look.

6. You can suspend curtains by means of special metal hooks. At their use the eaves are not required to you at all. Attach hooks to ceiling and accurately string on them portieres from light gentle material. Such way to attach curtains allows to issue interior in modern vanguard style.

7. Stretch metal string over window opening. On it it is possible to attach curtains hooks, fastenings from old eaves or ordinary office paper clips. As economy option (for giving, the temporary accommodation, etc.) it is possible to use the improvised "eaves" from very hardly tense fishing line.

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