How to attach eyelashes

How to attach eyelashes

nature has awarded not all women with long and magnificent eyelashes. But now in cosmetic shops there is wide choice of false eyelashes of any length and color. Modest, imitating natural, perfectly will be suitable for daily use, and color, decorated with rhinestones and spangles, will become fine addition to bright image for party.

It is required to you

  • - the degreasing lotion;
  • - curling tongs of eyelashes;
  • - the rounded-off tweezers;
  • - mirror;
  • - glue for eyelashes;
  • - foil;
  • - ink;
  • - black eyeliner.


  1. Remove make-up from eyes and degrease upper eyelids any problem skin lotion. Small brush comb eyelashes, and then twist by means of nippers.
  2. If you glue eyelashes on tape (uniform, not bunches), previously apply them to upper eyelids and determine length necessary for you. Cut off surplus cuticle scissors. Take tape tweezers with the rounded edges and apply adhesive layer for eyelashes. Glue can be used both colourless, and black. Advantage of black glue is that it imitates the thin line of eyeliner on upper eyelid that gives to look big expressiveness.
  3. Wait 30 seconds, this time is necessary for glue solidification, otherwise it will begin to flow and will soil eyelids. Apply strip of false eyelashes to skin as it is possible closer to the line of growth of natural eyelashes. Slightly pressing tweezers, paste them, since internal corner of eye.
  4. In 5-7 minutes when glue dries up, paint over eyelashes ink. If you used colourless glue, apply on upper eyelids black eyeliner for masking of the line of gluing.
  5. For gluing of puchkovy eyelashes also previously prepare eyelid skin.
  6. Spread out before yourself bunches. Squeeze out small amount of glue on piece of foil. Put before yourself mirror and send light source to face. Put elbows on table in order that hands did not shiver when gluing. Take the rounded-off tweezers bunch, dip it in glue. Close eye and try not to blink.
  7. Accurately paste bunch between natural eyelashes. Until glue has dried up, correct the direction of false eyelashes that it matched natural. In internal corner of eye and middle part of century paste short bunches on 8-10 mm, in external corner – 12-14 mm.
  8. After end also draw thin line of eyeliner on century.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team