How to attract in garden of butterflies: registration of motley bed

How to attract in garden of butterflies: registration of motley bed

Bed on which plants blossom from early spring to late fall – the real oasis for butterflies. They are attracted by bright and fragrant flowers. And still this bed just is pleasing to the eye.

It is required to you

  • - compost for bed
  • - hose for watering
  • - saplings of plants for landing


1. Choose the windless solar place for bed. Prepare the site of 2 X 3 meters in size. To the soil put compost.

2. On the background put delphinium, dahlias and kosmosa. Between them leave the place for pass.

3. In the foreground small leaky groups plant the annual plants which are picked up for color. It is possible to use petunia of various forms and shades, marigold upright, Sander's tobacco, verbena, begonia ever flowering, ageratum houstona – the majority of these plants blossoms since the beginning of summer to the first frosts.

4. It is possible to use also perennial plants so that the bed always remained blossoming. So, blossom heyrantus Sherea, rezukha Caucasian, iberis evergreen, violet fragrant in the spring. Are dismissed cornflower mountain, nivyanik large-flowered, Fassen's kotovnik, koreopsis large-flowered in the summer. Will blossom aster new Belgian, sedum ordinary, boneset konoplyanovidny, mordovnik in the fall.

5. If you want the bed for butterflies to be really attractive, take care of that except the flowers giving nectar they have been provided with necessary forage for caterpillars. The honeysuckle, thistle, lyadvenets will be suitable for their power supply. In secluded corner of garden plant great nettle.

6. Stretch watering hose on bed. The soil to zamulchiruyta to prevent growth of weeds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team