How to avoid excess expenditure during summer season

How to avoid excess expenditure during summer season

Opening summer season, to put, sow and impart trees now for many initial task. There is a wish to make everything correctly and at the same time to save. To avoid excess expenditure during summer season, considerably having saved on medicines from garden evil spirits, fertilizers and also in the world and water, some advice will help.

It is required to you

  • - rain water
  • - onions
  • - garlic
  • - red pepper
  • - camomile
  • - organic waste materials
  • - nettle
  • - wormwood


1. Collecting to rain vodypostavta of barrel under all drainings from roof. In order that have not got to water dust, leaves, insects, you hold full barrels closed.

2. Correct polivchtoba moisture evaporated more slowly, do not water plant during heat. It is whenever possible best of all to use aerosol method of watering. At such watering of water it is spent twice less.

3. Fill in onions and chesnokshelukha from onions or garlic with boiled water. On bucket of water about 200 g undertake and one hour infuses. Once a month spray plants. This means well copes with pincers, fruit stems and scoops.

4. Red bitter you peretsrazvedit 50 g of ground pepper in 5 l of cold water. Infuse solution about three hours. Spray with this solution the cucumbers and cabbage struck with caterpillars and cabbage sovka.

5. Moisture delay in zemleispolzuyta weeds, sawdust, last year's foliage for mulching of the soil. Under such cover moisture evaporates much more slowly. If on your site easy soils which quickly give moisture before landing of plants add compost or stone powder to the earth.

6. To RomashkaIzmelchit 300 g of leaves and flowers of camomile and to fill in 5 l of water, to insist several days. Before use to part means with water 1:2. Several times spray cultures struck with plant louse, ticks, small caterpillars, weevils, larvae of sawfly.

7. Choose lamps on solar batareyakhv current of day batteries of small lamps are charged by solar energy. In the evening lamps automatically turn on and light paths at the dacha.

8. The nettle and polynyizmelchenny vershoks to place in plastic ware, having filled it on third. Add water in capacity. Two or three times a day to mix solution in order that gases have evaporated. Before fertilizing to dilute slush 1:10. Solution from nettle and wormwood, is good fertilizing for any plant.

9. Organic otkhodyv box or in hole put literally everything that lies at you underfoot, mowed grass, branches, foliage, cleanings of vegetables and fruit, shell and other useful garbage. Compost, this fine fertilizer for vegetable and berry plants will turn out.

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