How to avoid robbery

How to avoid robbery

Progress does not stand still. Computers become more powerful and less, machines - quicker and quicker and more comfortably, and thieves - are more and more inventive. The vast majority of owners of apartments and dachas at least once in life were exposed to robbery. Not to make the contribution to sad criminal statistics, once you listen to simple, but effective councils, to protect the property from robbers.


1. Install in the apartment the alarm system with entry into private security. It can protect you not only from the ordinary pilferers acting in the old manner and not understanding modern technologies but also from professionals of the highest class. It has only one minus – the price.

2. Put modern high-quality locks at doors. It is better when locks a little and they from the different producer and with different mechanisms. It is not necessary to follow example of the chief from "Diamond Arm", of course. But two locks are always better, than one. The robber should spend more time at door of your apartment or the house and therefore there will be more chances that neighbors will be able to notice and frighten off it.

3. Put strong metal door. If the door shaky and with slots, then you is not saved even by the most powerful and expensive locks. When choosing door be guided by the principle "modestly, but with taste". The door to your apartment should not be evident the high cost and draw attention of criminals.

4. Try to improve good relations with all neighbors. It concerns both the apartment, and giving. Who if does not the neighbor call the police in case of danger or will just frighten off the pilferer to whom has come to mind that your apartment is easy mark for today? If you leave for a long time, leave to the neighbor keys and ask it to open and to close daily outer door. Thieves often leave "сторожек" at the pleasant apartment. It can be piece of cookies under rug or thread between door case and door. So thieves learn, the apartment during the day is visited or not.

5. You keep the mouth shut. Even if you are going to leave for only several days, devote as little as possible people in your plans. Your acquaintances can mention absolutely accidentally in conversation about your departure and by that "to guide" the thief at the apartment or the house. And on a tip there is more than a half of all robberies.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team