How to be painted to the woman for 50

How to be painted to the woman for 50

-year anniversary - not occasion to refuse decorative cosmetics. However and to you it is not necessary to put several layers of dense make-up on face. Master simple receptions of age make-up - they will help to emphasize attractive lines and will hide small shortcomings of appearance.

It is required to you

  • - tone means;
  • - brushes and sponges;
  • - friable powder;
  • - the matting napkins;
  • - blush;
  • - ink;
  • - shadows for eyebrows;
  • - lipstick;
  • - colourless planimetric pencil.


  1. Choose suitable cosmetics. You will not suit too bright and scandalous colors. Clean, but deep shades of average saturation will look much more beautifully. Instead of black pencils and ink use noble chocolate and dark gray tone, replace bright red lipstick and blue shadows with shades of cocoa, pink tree and pearls.
  2. Pay attention to textures. Your choice - the moistening tone means about lifting effect, soft satin blush and shadows, the saturated lipstick which is not drying lip. Do not use opaque shadows and ink - they will make the person dim and tired. Instead of them try means with reflective particles which will make skin fresh and will disguise small wrinkles.
  3. Pick up tone means which can use every day. Foundation or emulsion have to have liquid texture - it ideally merges with skin and does not emphasize time. You cause tone with latex sponge or synthetic brush, carefully shading borders. Color of means has to merge with your skin. You can try cream one tone more dark - such reception recovers the person and does it younger.
  4. Problem sites can be disguised the proofreader of beige shade. It has to be very soft, with moisturizing components. The dense dry proofreader well hides spots and the burst capillaries, but ruthlessly emphasizes all wrinkles.
  5. Refuse compact powder. It is hammered into folds and time, lays down spots and looks very untidy. Instead of it use translucent friable powder which is better for applying with soft fluffy brush. The excess of fat can be removed the special matting napkins which always should be had near at hand.
  6. Use blush. After the 50th skin gradually loses natural paints, and the person seems faded. Apply with round or slanted brush on cheekbones blush of pink-beige, reddish or peach color. Impose them in the form of commas, conducting brush to temple, and then to chin. If you have dry skin, use cream blush, but it is better for owners of enlarged pores and flabby cheeks to refuse them.
  7. For lips pick up satin lipstick of quiet shade - it looks nobly and adds to the person of freshness. That lipstick did not spread, outline mouth contour colourless wax pencil. Do not use sticky gloss, superresistant dry lipsticks and also varnishes for lips - all these means will not decorate you.
  8. Do not forget about eyebrows and eyelashes. It is better for eyebrow to tint special ink or shadows - so they will look most effectively. Do not do them too dark, choose from wide range of noble brown and gray-brown tones. For eyelashes use the extending or volume ink with effect of podkruchivaniye. Modern formulas with combination of vosk, oils and silk fiber or nylon will approach. Such ink does eyelashes alive and brilliant, protects them from oblamyvaniye.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team