How to be protected from bees

How to be protected from bees

Summer – time of rest and entertainments outdoors, however importunate insects can spoil everything. Of course, mosquitoes and midges bite people much more often than bees, however stings of the last are very painful and in the presence of allergy can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Try not to allow it.

It is required to you

  • - headdress;
  • - Apistop.


1. At approach of bee try not to make sharp movements – do not wave hand, do not run, do not shake the head and, the most important, try not to be frightened. Bees feel the adrenaline emitted by the person at fright and can advance to the attack.

2. If you have thick and long hair, bee, having only flown up out of curiosity, can get confused in curls. The rare person in such situation is capable to keep calm, but if you begin convulsively to try to take the scared insect, it for certain will bite you. Braid hair in hard hairstyle or put on headdress which will protect you from annoying bees.

3. Clever insects are very sensitive to smells. Gathering for the nature or going to the dacha, do not use spirits or cologne. The saturated aroma of shower gel or too pungent smell of hairspray can not be pleasant to bee.

4. The bee can state claims and to your table. Alcohol, garlic, onions and other spices irritate this insect, and it can express discontent.

5. And here fire should be made. When the beekeeper goes to apiary to visit beehives, he takes the smoker capable to protect it from excessively aggressive-minded pets. Settle near fire, and bees will prefer to fly about you the party.

6. Usually bees, collecting nectar, fly along the same routes to visit favourite places. If the similar route is laid through your seasonal dacha, plant tree on their way. Insects will be forced to change trajectory.

7. The sprays protecting from midges, mosquitoes and ticks will not frighten off bees. For this purpose you need to buy the special medicine "Apistop". At this means there are essential oils and pheromones which are allocated by bees therefore insects, having taken the person for "", will not begin to attack.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team