How to be with cesspool on the site

How to be with cesspool on the site

The sewerage is necessary for comfortable stay in big country house and at the small dacha. If you are faced by problem of withdrawal of waste waters on the garden site, consider ways of collecting sewage and pick up the option suitable for itself.


1. Choose the system of collecting sewage. The system of the independent sewerage can be arranged in the form of simple stores or difficult constructions with biological and mechanical cleaning of assembled waste. The first – cesspools with bottom and without bottom. In them gather, and sewage is pumped out then. Calculate hole volume, considering average daily water flow one person (on average 150-170 l). If amount of run-off waters in day do not exceed 1 m 3 – make simple cesspool.

2. Choose the place for cesspool. Despite simplicity of construction, there are several restrictions on its arrangement on the site. It and removal from drinking water sources, both convenient entrance of the machine, and sufficient distance from premises and sites with plants. Dispose hole closer to the road that the cesspool machine freely could approach the place of vygreb. In the presence on the site of well or other water intake do not locate settler on one with it the line - it can lead to hit of sewage in potable water.

3. Make the store with bottom. If underground waters approach surface closer than 2 m, make hermetic cesspool for waste. Make walls of the material not subject to rotting: concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, stone. Choose concrete rings of circular or square section and establish them at each other in the prepared ditch. Carry out works on sealing of external and internal joints, using the reinforced concrete, and then – bitumen layer. At the same time previously on bottom fill clay layer of 30 cm and make bias in 45 degrees for the best pumping of contents.

4. Establish cover. From above constructions put overlapping with the hatch for hose. Close opening (70х70 cm) two covers with heat-insulating layer from polyfoam or mineral wool. Put the first on overlapping, the second – at ground level after construction charge. Dig trench, its layer of sand and lay to prosypta in them to settler the warmed sewage pipes with a diameter not less than 100 mm.

5. Use ready systems. As stores it is possible to establish on the site ready septic tank – the improved cesspool option applied to the sewerage device at the dacha and country houses. For it it is not necessary to allocate the secluded place on the site – the septic tank allows direct proximity to the house. Besides, capacity is hermetic and waterproof that is important at high standing of underground waters. Pay attention to installation which body is made of fibreglass – it is not subject to corrosion.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team