How to bend plastic pipe

How to bend plastic pipe

At production of designs from plastic products quite often it is necessary to bend elements, giving them the required configuration. For bending of such products there are several ways. The choice of specific method depends on the tools which are available at your disposal and accuracy requirement. To bend, for example, plastic pipe, it is required to influence it in the thermal way.

It is required to you

  • - forming machine;
  • - fiber board;
  • - silicone;
  • - template;
  • - blowpipe;
  • - construction hair dryer.


1. For giving to the pipe demanded form from polystyrene previously make frame of fiber board. Collect form, being conformed with pipe length and its diameter. After adjustment of frame carefully process it abrasive paper.

2. On the forming machine make of silicone cover for plastic part. It is required for fixing of pipe on frame and protection of surface of plastic from scratches, chips and dents.

3. Insert plastic pipe into cover. Fix product in frame from fiber board. Place all design on the forming machine. After warming up of plasticity it will be softened and will begin to precipitate on frame. At the same time the product will take the necessary curved form. Wait about ten minutes before releasing pipe. Now the product can be taken from mandrel and to leave before full cooling.

4. In the absence of the forming machine use the construction hair dryer or blowpipe. In advance make template which will correspond to form of future bent tube. It is desirable to avoid when bending plastic of sharp turns therefore the template has to have smooth bend on all the surface.

5. Plan the place of pipe bend. Guide the heating device to the place of expected bend. At the same time you watch that the distance from source of high temperature to product was not too small not to allow plastic ignition.

6. Continuing to influence pipe the hair dryer or torch, slowly rotate pipe along axis. When plastic becomes soft and pliable, place it on previously prepared template and bend, having brought bend to the necessary corner. Observe at the same time patience and accuracy that the rupture of product has not turned out. Hold bent tube on template until it does not cool down. Remove the hardened plastic from template and use for designated purpose.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team