How to bend plywood

How to bend plywood

Quite often in the course of production of joiner's products there is need for giving to preparation irregular shape. Elements of such design can be cut, of course, however this method is often simply unacceptable, it promises excessive consumption of material. So, for production of preparation of irregular shape it is more rational to bend plywood.

It is required to you

  • - special furnace;
  • - steel preparation;
  • - water;
  • - iron.


1. After heat treatment and rasparivaniye, plywood becomes more plastic. Under the influence of humid environment and high temperature this material is considerably softened thanks to what it is much easier to bend it.

2. It is possible to increase plasticity of plywood, its warming up in the closed furnace on round dowels or having just taken over naked flame (only do not overdry plywood, from too high temperature material will crack in the place of bend).

3. During plywood dehumidification periodically moisten preparation with water.

4. In the course of work carefully fix one end of plywood, and strong hold the second in hands.

5. If it is necessary to bend long preparation of difficult configuration, then use the special template executed in the form of steel strip: tie plywood to steel strip then bend it together with template (the steel strip will interfere with cracking of product). Then leave preparation with the steel strip attached to it before full drying.

6. There is one more way to bend plywood and the product executed from it. Moisten preparation with water then iron it the iron. Then bend plywood then moisten its outer side once again and again iron the iron. This way allows to bend six-millimetric plywood, and so that on product cracks will not appear.

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