How to bleach spider line

How to bleach spider line

Weightless refined scarfs spider lines out of time and mode – they can decorate the lady of any age and to become fine gift. The self-made thing from natural goat down before use demands bleaching. Eventually the white product turns yellow and demands repeated processing. It is necessary to handle gentle openwork cloth extremely carefully, it can quickly get out of shape. There are easy ways to give to spider line whiteness, checked by many needlewomen.

  • - cleaning agent for wool and silks (shampoo);
  • - hydrosulphite solution;
  • - vinegar or fabric softener;
  • - sheet;
  • - extension;
  • - pins or pins;
  • - hairbrush.

1. Wash down scarf manually. For this purpose put it in small capacity – it will allow it to keep form better. You watch that water for washing was not hotter, and warm (admissible temperature range – from 30 to 50 degrees).

2. Do not do the strong rubbing movements at all – just with ease rumple product in hands. Use only liquid detergent for delicate fabrics (wool and silk) or hair shampoo.

3. Prepare solution of the recovery bleaching powder on the basis of hydrosulphite of sodium which can be found in shop of household chemicals. Chloro- and oxygencontaining means it is not recommended to use as they are more aggressive and can damage structure of spider line. In bucket of the water heated to temperature of 50-60 degrees will be to stir two tablespoons of hydrosulphate enough.

4. Submerge spider line in the received solution and sustain half an hour. After this procedure it is necessary to rinse carefully product at first in warm water, then (several times) – in cool.

5. Add to water for the last rinsing of down scarf a little vinegar (enough tablespoon on liquid half-buckets). Some needlewomen replace it with suitable industrial fabric softener.

6. Carefully (without unscrewing!) squeeze out wet scarf, having wrapped it in white linen sheet. It is possible just to pass it between fingers.

7. Pull damp spider line on special extension by the product size (board or wooden frame with the filled corrosion-proof pins). Other option is to straighten accurately it on sheet, having fixed by pins. Try not to warp scarf, otherwise after drying it will get out of shape.

8. When the bleached down spider line dries, brush it with hairbrush – fibers will rise, and the scarf will beautifully be fluffed up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team