How to bleach underwear

How to bleach underwear

Underwear gradually loses the dazzling gloss and begins to look untidy. To return whiteness to the turned yellow or become gray things, have thought up many various means therefore if desired things can be "reanimated".

It is required to you

  • - bleach;
  • - powder;
  • - salt and soda;
  • - hydrogen peroxide.


1. Things from cotton or linen fabric can be boiled. For this purpose it is better to use purified water, its benefit is necessary not so much. Pour water in the enameled ware (basin or bucket), add powder and a little bleach, and put on fire to be boiled. Do not forget to stir slowly. After things boil 30-40 minutes, well to their otpoloshchita in clear water. But it is worth noticing that after boiling the linen can decrease a little in sizes.

2. At each washing add a little soda and salts. If you erase in the machine automatic machine, then there will be enough 2 tsps of salt and 3 tsps of soda. Of course, linen will not be bleached from the first, but gradually it will return former look.

3. Wet linen in cold water with addition of oxygen bleach for the night. Since morning wash it manually and rinse in clear water. It is not recommended to use for this purpose boiled water as bleach at high temperatures makes negative impact on fabric fibers.

4. Part 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide in liter of water and wet linen in the received solution. Peroxide perfectly bleaches and refreshes color of fabric.

5. In household shops, special bleaches for underwear are on sale. The method of application is described on packing with means. If you have decided to use it, then at first read all recommendations, otherwise things can be irrevocably spoiled.

6. To support snow-white look at underwear, use powder with optical whitening agent from the leading trademarks. If you have dirty water (with yellowish shade), previously boil and settle it. Then merge in basin, and wash clothes only in clear water manually.

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