How to break flower bed

How to break flower bed

What can be more beautiful, than the blossoming and fragrant flower bed? Only the second, even more beautiful!

It is rather simple to create flower bed, for this purpose it is not necessary to be the professional at all. The most important is to choose the right place and to think over the range of plants. It is necessary to choose them leaning on conditions in which they will grow. And, of course, being guided by the tastes. However several rules will be relevant for all flower beds.

There are two types of flower bed: regular and irregular. The first it is normal in the form of the correct geometrical figure, and flowers are planted symmetrically on the relation to each other. Such flower bed has clear boundary that you will not tell about flower bed irregular. It has more natural form, smooth lines, as a rule, without sharp angles. The irregular flower bed consists of plants which blossom on extent of all season.

It is possible to create a little sublime flower bed which will be in the center of your garden and to draw attention. Many like to decorate personal plot with several monobeds. In each of them certain plant species is landed.

Selection of flowers - not less important task. It is possible to include both annual plants, and long-term in flower bed. Plus annual plants is that every year you will be able to change the range of the flower bed, every time it will please you with the variety.

It is necessary to plant plants correctly. Perennials in several years strongly expand, it needs to be considered when landing, having left between them bigger distance. The largest plants plant with calculation 2-3 plants on 1 sq.m. Averages in size flowers have on 4-5 pieces on 1 sq.m. Low plants it is possible to put 8-10 pieces safely.

Perfectly on bed phloxes, dahlias, asters, coneflower and other krasivotsvetushchy plants look. The most correct option is to arrange higher plants in the center, and low at the edges. Averages on height will be between them. At such arrangement all flowers it will be visible, they will not interfere with each other. In flower bed it is possible even to use undersized bushes, but it is important that it did not eclipse other lower plants.

Perfectly the flower bed made only of undersized or carpet plants looks.

And, of course, when forming flower bed it is impossible to forget about various garden figures. It can be figures of animals, gnomes or mushrooms. Having arranged them among plants, you will give to flower bed even more live look. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team