How to bring domestic fleas

How to bring domestic fleas

Fleas are blood-sicking insects who parasitize on warm-blooded animals, but can bite also the person. In the dwelling can lodge in result of availability of pets or move from the basement where rats and mice live. In the world there are more than 500 types of fleas, all of them are potential carriers of dangerous diseases and cause many troubles as stings of fleas are very painful, places of stings strongly comb hair and long do not begin to live.

It is required to you

  • - shampoo from fleas;
  • - means in ampoules from fleas;
  • - briquettes or grain from rodents;
  • - spray from fleas;
  • - antibloshinny collar;
  • - aerosol from the creeping insects;
  • - wormwood;
  • - tansy;
  • - kerosene;
  • - turpentine;
  • - liquid soap;
  • - medicines against helminths.


1. To get rid of fleas, call experts from sanoepidemstantion or from private services on processing of housing from insects. They will spend mass processing at home and the basement and will in addition process the basement from rats and mice. It is the most effective way on extermination of fleas. It costs quite much and if you are not ready to pay services of experts, prepare for systematic fight against fleas as it is independently quite difficult to bring them.

2. If you have basement, then first of all get rid of rats and mice as if you process only premises, and in the basement there will live rodents, then it will not bring any results. It is possible to get rid of rodents by means of experts or to buy in shop for gardeners and gardeners special means in the form of briquettes or the grain processed by special medicines. Scatter the acquired medicines on all basement and after that you pass to direct extermination of fleas.

3. Process pets shampoo, spray or drops from fleas, put on on them antibloshinny collar. Replace laying or clear by means of shampoo or aerosol of fleas.

4. All carpets, oriental carpets, slots, plinth, process aerosol from fleas or from the creeping insects. In 2 hours air the room, make damp cleaning with use of chlorine-containing means. In the presence of pets hold not only antibloshinny events, also give to animals medicine from helminths as if the pet has fleas, then it is possible to speak from 100% confidence about availability of helminths.

5. For destruction in the house of fleas process floor, slots, oriental carpets and carpets strong infusion of wormwood, tansy or part 1 part of the purified kerosene with 1 part of liquid soap and 1 part of turpentine. Spread out dry tansy and wormwood on all house. Fleas do not transfer smell of the specified herbs.

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