How to bring drosophilas

How to bring drosophilas

Drosophilas – the small insects differently called fruit, or wine, by front sights. Sometimes, especially in warm season, they exasperate inhabitants of houses and apartments, appearing as if from nowhere.


1. Drosophilas eat juice of fruit and berries and the decaying vegetable waste. If at your place there were these insects, find energy source for them. Front sights will disappear shortly after lose some food.

2. Check storage for vegetables and fruit – carrots, onions, potatoes, apples, etc. Touch products, get rid of spoiled, wash out the others or wipe from residues of decay. You watch that the container for vegetables always was dry.

3. Perhaps, the opened jars with juice or jam became nursery of drosophilas. Check the house preservation: front sights can be got in banks from which has broken covers. If you for a long time left tea tea leaves in teapot, it can become food for drosophilas.

4. Wash out and dry up capacity for garbage. More reliably and gigiyenichny to use plastic bags to delete waste together with front sights. Sometimes drosophilas are got in draining of rinse basin if it has got littered with the food remains – clean it, in case of need.

5. If you have pets, check their bowls with food: perhaps, exactly there drosophilas were also got. You watch that ware was clean, and do not give to animals of forage more, than they can eat during the day.

6. Sometimes front sights are got in flowerpots. Try to limit watering of plants. If does not help, try to replace the earth.

7. If it is not possible to find the reason of appearance of drosophilas, it is possible to arrange trap for them. On bottom of bottle pour sweet juice. Contract paper in the form of cone, cut off the narrow end that the opening of small diameter has turned out, and lower in bottle neck. Fix paper funnel by adhesive tape. Front sights will be able to fly in bottle, and will not manage to get out through narrow opening.

8. Put the vacuum cleaner on suction and apply where you see congestion of front sights.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team