How to bring mice

How to bring mice

Mice bring great deal of trouble: they gnaw through bags with grain, spoil harvest and electric devices as reserve dung. It is possible to get rid of the called guests in various ways

It is required to you

  • - poison;
  • - mousetraps;
  • - cat.


1. Buy in shop any poison for mice. It is on sale in different types: wheat seeds, briquettes with aroma of cheese, and just powders which are added to something tasty. Means very well work, mice eat poison and go to hole from which in most cases do not return any more. Before starting unfolding of bait, put on rubber gloves and decide on the place in which you put it. It is possible to put only in hard-to-reach spots into which pets will not be able to get. 20-30 days of mouse later have to die.

2. If you do not want to contact toxic substances, then use mousetraps. It is possible to buy them in household shop and they cost little very much therefore get at least 3-4 pieces. The more mousetraps, the there are more chances that the mouse will get. As bait use cheese, fat or sausage. If the treat constantly disappears, and the mouse and runs on freedom, then put the mousetrap in the necessary position, and from above drip a little mayonnaise. As mice omnivorous, they will become interested in the offered treat anyway. Until they pinch it, the mousetrap will manage to slam.

3. When it grieves you to kill mice in such a way, only the cat will be able to help. Take from acquaintances for several days pussycat and let she a little at you will live. Cats catch mice too, but it is slightly worse, than cats. In the period of ""safari"" remove all fragile objects from shelves and cabinets, otherwise in pursuit of production the cat can drop thing expensive to you. It is desirable to underfeed animal that the result has come much quicker.

4. To etch mice also special services can help. This option is irreplaceable if you have not several rodents, and it is a lot of. If you have made up the mind to this step, then address in sanepidemstantion or to any private company which renders these services. Mice will cease to disturb you in the same day, or on following.

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