How to bring mice out of the apartment

How to bring mice out of the apartment

Even the most lonely person cannot be sure that except him nobody lives in the apartment. If to look more attentively, then the neighbors sharing with him the territory will surely be found. It can be harmless spider, and there can be also mice. These little small animals gnaw wires and books, spoil products, carry infectious diseases. Therefore in the house it is necessary to get rid of mice.


1. It is considered that the easiest way to bring mice, it to start up in the house of cat. Sometimes it works, but it has to be not what ABBA the cat, and animal who is able and likes to hunt. Only one cat's smell of wreckers does not frighten, and here the cat never seeing before mice can even seriously be frightened at the sight of gray little ones.

2. Some people prefer to display the poisoned products, expecting to bring mice in such a way. Can destroy physically several individuals thus and it will turn out, but think of consequences. It is good if the dying mouse gets out to foreground, but can quite happen that she will creep in some secluded corner, will die there and will begin to decay. You will feel smell soon enough, and here search of source of this smell will take a lot of time.

3. Mousetraps can help only with isolated cases too to catch accidentally pribludivsheesya loner animal. But traps will not save from invasion of mice. Small animals will just avoid them. And especially cunning will even learn to steal bait, without coming across in trap.

4. Normal wood ashes can become one of effective ways of fight against mice. Scatter it thin layer in those places where wreckers have been noticed. Coming in ashes, the mouse soils claws which she should lick periodically. The alkali which is contained in sol irritates mouse stomach and causes very unpleasant feeling. It is not pleasant to mice, they go to other place.

5. To you can give advice, feed mice with the cement or plaster mixed with food. Having got into stomach, the adhesion agent turns into stone, the mouse perishes painful death. But you remember, nobody will look for dead mouse in the apartment for you therefore well think before arriving thus.

6. Cause deratizator better. They have extensive experience of removal of mice from dwellings. Experts not only will eliminate uninvited guests from your apartment, but also will take measures that the new family has not lodged in the cleaned apartment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team