How to bring moles

How to bring moles

If on your garden site heaps of the plowed-up earth began to grow suddenly, and root crops have begun to disappear with beds, it means that you got moles. Today there is no universal method which would allow to get rid of moles with hundred percentage probability, but there are some of the most effective ways, having tried which you for certain will achieve success.


1. Practically in each large shop of agricultural goods the ultrasonic repellant of moles is on sale. Its operation principle is that the device emits low-frequency sounds which moles do not transfer. However the work range of such device is too small to capture all courses on which the mole moves and seldom reaches its main dwelling storeroom. Therefore the repellant of moles helps not with each case.

2. Moles do not transfer gasoline smell. Therefore it is possible to get rid of moles if to moisten in gasoline of rag and, having dug out underpasses of mole, to spread out them in each of the courses. Such way is rather effective only under one condition: you know location of the mole courses.

3. To plant bean plants on site perimeter, for example, lentil, haricot or peas – one more effective way to bring moles as they do not transfer specific has begun to smell plants of this family.

4. Moles do not love loud noise. It is possible to bring them, having installed several wind-driven generators which will transfer vibration and noise to the earth on the garden site. It is rather simple to manufacture the wind-driven generator: to take long stick and vryt it in the earth on forty-fifty centimeters, and to bank to bind empty cans of beer. At wind gust the banks will knock the friend about the friend and to create noise which are so not loved by moles. Other way of production of the wind-driven generator is even simpler: on three quarters vryt to the earth empty glass bottles, at an angle in forty five degrees.

5. It is possible to get rid of moles, having just bought hunting dog (it is the best of all - dachshund), who will break off holes and to destroy the moles living in them.

6. Following this advice, you for certain will get rid of moles and the garden site will please you with rich harvest!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team