How to bring plant louse

How to bring plant louse

In fight against invasion of plant louse usually apply chemicals, but they can do harm to trees and other inhabitants of garden. Therefore often gardeners stop the choice on folk remedies, and skilled summer residents successfully bring plant louse, using improvised raw materials.

It is required to you

  • - celandine
  • - leaves of tomatoes
  • - potato tops of vegetable
  • - rustic tobacco or tobacco
  • - garlic


1. The potato tops of vegetable, siliculose pepper and onions, camomile, sorrel, dandelion, tobacco and many other plants which for some reason are not pleasant to this insects is used.

2. Celandine – the natural enemy of plant louse, on its basis it is possible to prepare simple and available means which will help to cope quickly and easily with invasion of mean insects. For solution take several small cut plants, add 15 g of laundry soap and fill in weight with bucket of warm water. After means infuses, dip into it tops of escapes of plum, cherry, currant and other trees – from plant louse there will be no trace left also.

3. Good means from plant louse infusion from tomato leaves is considered. Small to chop, fill in tomato tops of vegetable (600 g) with bucket of water and to boil within half an hour. To dissolve solution with water in the ratio one glass of means on liter of water and to spray the plants struck potatoes in the ratio of 2 kg of tops of vegetable on ten liters of warm water.

4. Infusion from rustic tobacco helps to cope quickly and without serious consequences with invasion of wreckers. In 1 l of water it is necessary to part 150 g of rustic tobacco and to boil within hour. To dissolve the filtered broth with bucket of water and to spray affected areas of plants.

5. The plant louse will not even approach trees if to fertilize the soil wood ashes. It is necessary to do it in the spring or in the fall, there is enough 1-2 buckets of ashes. To enhance effect of this method, one or two times during the summer early in the morning or pollinate trees ashes in the evening.

6. The plant louse does not love garlic, and it should use. In one liter of water part 150 g of garlic and insist up to five days. Dissolve infusion with ten liters of water and spray affected areas of plants. Applying folk remedies, the main thing, not to be late with the first spring processing of plants and to outstrip mass settling of colonies of plant louse. Do not use the same means for a long time, in order to avoid accustoming they need to be alternated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team