How to bring snakes

How to bring snakes

It is very unpleasant to find family of vipers which was located on your seasonal dacha. The famous hunters of snakes – mongooses – rare animals for Russia therefore it is impossible to count on their help. Try several ways of disposal of snakes quietly to have a rest at the dacha without the dangerous neighbourhood.

It is required to you

  • - kerosene;
  • - sheep wool;
  • - dry mustard;
  • - hand bells;
  • - hedgehogs.


1. Do not try to banish snake if have seen it on the site. It can anger viper or frighten, and defending, she will attack. Snakes do not rush the first on people, try to hide, having caught steps. You rustle and loudly stamp, having seen viper.

2. Try to place with yourself on the site something, making sharp sounds. It can be the Chinese hand bells ringing on wind or graggerses. The main thing that the sound did not irritate you more, than snakes.

3. Look for devices for scaring away of moles of vibration action. Sometimes they affect also snakes.

4. Spray the seasonal dacha with kerosene solution with water in the ratio 1:2. Pay special attention to earth strips along fences that snakes did not even try to approach your possession. They do not like kerosene smell.

5. Hedgehogs, as well as mongooses, well catch snakes. Besides, they hunt the mice and rats living on the site and attracting reptiles. Allure to yourself these night hunters. Hedgehogs love chicken meat therefore put for the night saucer with delicacy about porch. Put also other food that they remained with you at the dacha.

6. The specific smell of dry mustard is unpleasant to snakes. Try to scatter it in the territory. On the site take 1 kg of mustard in 10 hundred parts.

7. Get rid of high grass where it is convenient to snakes to hide. In short grass you will easily see reptile and they love dense shady thickets more.

8. If you have found the old abrasive paper of snake which has remained after molt do not take it hands in the spring. Accurately pick up it shovel that there is no smell of human left, carry far away from the site. Dragons usually fade in constant places, it will find the abrasive paper and will not come to you.

9. Remove all lot of garbage and second-hand articles from the territory that snakes could not find the place for laying of eggs. Old snags and mouldering stubs can serve as houses for snakes too.

10. Snakes are afraid of smell of sheep therefore take natural sheep wool and decompose on site border.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team