How to bring summer in house interior?

How to bring summer in house interior?

Wreaths and red stockings fill the house in the period of winter vacation, and pumpkins dominate in decor in the fall. Jewelry is way to submerge family in the coming holiday, to present certain mood. But the summer has no big holiday, but there is inexpressible set of feelings and emotions. Why not to fill with them the dwelling and not to feel it more deeply?

To make nest truly summer, it is not obligatory to organize revolution, it is possible just to place accents. And small cunnings will help with it.


Outside the window beauty and grace. You should not hide from sunbeams behind heavy portieres. It is better to replace dense curtains with easy curtains with flower ornament. So in the apartment to appear more light and to decrease amount of dust.

Textiles with fashionable print

Will help to meet summer adequately the fur blankets hidden in cabinet. And easy plaids in sea strip will not allow to freeze to family in the cool evening. Pillowcases should be chosen from natural fabrics. Having added several drops of lemon juice in otparivatel for linen, the hostess will be able to send the relatives to dream under citrus tree.

Huge exotic plants and animals on bright cloth are fashionable now. Cloths, kitchen towels from grandmother's cabinet quite will approach. Fans of simplicity and minimalism can remember the well-known Japanese Vabi-sabi style, having started the red sun in the interior.

Cubes ""Hi, hot summer""

Normal cubes from the children's room can become the real symbol of this time of the year. They can be painted with colors of the rainbow, to wind with multi-colored threads, and from above to paste letters. There is nothing more lovely, than notes from the soulmate in the mornings. Than not the idea?


Rugs applied to creation of cosiness at all times. The sizes, forms, coloring allow to organize the sea in the bathroom, green meadow in the nursery, the iridescent living room and the warm beach in the bedroom.


No what so is associated with summer as abundance of berries and fruit. Thanks to napkins in the form of melon, watermelon, strawberry — summer transformation is provided to kitchen.

Frosty to freshen? To remove immediately!

The air thing freshener on so much usual that getting it in shop many is chosen by the standard refreshing smells of the sea, frosty freshness or the coniferous forest. And it is possible to play with aroma and to bring ripe cherry or aroma of coco to the house. Change of aroma — change of feelings!

To throw flag

As tags on the balcony beautifully look. No! The banner since the Labor Day let becomes dusty on mezzanine.

""Hi summer!"". The tag with cheerful inscription can be drawn together with children. And pineapples will be there or naughty monkeys the imagination of artists will prompt.

Butterflies are not much!

Now huge number of products in the form of butterflies is issued. Magnets, 3d stickers, and even ware. Winged it is possible to hang up on the fridge, to decorate with them walls, to put them to pollinate window plants. Insects of bright coloring, unambiguously, will please eye.

What summer without flowers?

Naughty cornflowers, camomiles, peonies will fill the house with joy and feelings of summer. They can be put in pots on the balcony, to place bouquets on all house, or just to draw. But to flowers in the dwelling to be also the point!

If the person does not go to the sea, the sea goes to the person...

It is sad to realize what the next holiday will be only in the winter when outside warmly and sunny?

Thanks to the modern digital press it is possible to bring the sailing vessel or the image of sea waves to the house. And the corresponding music and wine, in glass with pink flamingo, will help to touch favourite part of the World Ocean.

It is not so difficult to create mood when there is imagination. Warm summer evenings on the balcony by candlelight — it is very romantic, bright decor in kitchen - and it already bungalows on the coast, soft beach shades in the bedroom — will remind of the passionate sea, and green rug in the nursery and butterflies — will send kids to fresh air in the village.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team