How to bring to the house water from well

How to bring to the house water from well

The lack of water in owner-occupied dwelling brings lot of trouble. To carry out water to the house will not make special work of nearby well, it is enough to study the instruction, useful tips and to buy all necessary equipment and materials.

It is required to you

  • - submersible electric pump;
  • - polypropylene pipes of necessary length;
  • - heater for pipes;
  • - electric cable;
  • - shovel;
  • - hose.


1. Make sure that in well there is clear potable water, and there is real opportunity to connect well to the house water pipe. In case of availability of too remote well, will be to dig out more economically and effectively new well closer to the house.

2. By means of shovel bayonet and sovok dig through trench of average depth (about 40-60 centimeters, 20-25 centimeters wide) from the house to well, then take pipe and check whether it will be suitable for water supply to the house from well. If pipe of insufficient length, then get missing metric area and connect pipes special branch pipe.

3. Lay pipe in the dug-out trench. Enter one pipe end into the house, and enter the second into special opening in well wall.

4. When the water pipe is laid in trench, it is possible to start laying of one more, smaller on pipe diameter which will be used for laying of electric cable. Pass electric cable on all length of the second pipe. Reliably warm both pipes and protect from freezing during the winter period.

5. Take the electric submersible pump and lower it in well. Connect special hose the pump and water pipe, make adjustment on height and water pressure, give to the pump stationary situation with the help of additional elements - wire or rope rope. Turn on the pump in network.

6. It is possible to carry out trial start of the pump and to check its working capacity if all have made correctly - from well to the house the water supply will begin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team