How to bring wasps from balcony

How to bring wasps from balcony

Wasps on the balcony the real invasion of which it is necessary to get rid immediately. In this case it is absolutely optional to etch insects chemistry, the checked councils and recommendations can help.

  • - plastic bottle;
  • - granulated sugar;
  • - liquid soap;
  • - water;
  • - dichlorvos.

1. To bring wasps from balcony, prepare for them special trap. For this purpose you will need ordinary plastic bottle. Fill in it granulated sugar so that it has filled 1/6 part of capacity. Add 1 glass of warm water. Well shake up bottle contents. Put trap on balcony. Sweet water will attract by all means wasps. As soon as insects are brought together inside, twirl bottle neck cover. Wasps will not disturb you any more.

2. Reliable tool against wasps is normal soap. Pour flowing water into plastic bottle, having added a little liquid soap. Well mix the received mix. Spray with ready soap solution the location of wasps. If on the balcony there is slot, be accurate. Wasps can take off for any second from it. Spray the slot at distance. As soon as soap gets on wasp she will die.

3. Rather widespread way of fight against wasps on the balcony - use of special means from insects. It is possible to get them in specialized shop. By the way, quite often in this case the means intended for extermination of flies and mosquitoes help.

4. It is much more difficult to destroy hornet's nest on the balcony. In this case to do without chemicals or fire it will not turn out. Indoors nevertheless you should not test the second option. And the first can be tried. Only it is necessary to remember safety precautions and safety rules. For this purpose you will need dichlorvos and special protective suit. It has to close all surface of body completely. It is recommended to destroy hornet's nest at night when insects sleep and do not expect the attack.

5. If you managed to get rid of wasps on the balcony, do not forget about preventive measures. Put mosquito nets that no insects have disturbed you any more on windows.

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