How to build country house

How to build country house

In recent years the trend of growth of popularity of country construction is observed. The house in the country has to be economic, convenient, comfortable, it can be reached, applying the innovation technologies and modern building materials.

Preparatory stage

Construction of country cottage begins with the choice of the site. It is desirable to be guided not only by the price, but also to pay attention to availability of communications – gas, electricity, water. Important value access roads − have availability of roads, their state and load. It is necessary to know structure of the soil and level of groundwater occurrance, it will help to establish the correct base and to prevent emergence of water in the basement.

The following step – drawing up the project of the house. The design organization will help to decide on the amount of construction and material selection. In District Administration, with the ready project, it is necessary to get construction permit. Having finished "paper affairs", start directly construction of the building.

Mounting of the base

The base forms the basis of the house, reliability and durability of the building depends on its quality. Design and mounting of design should pay special attention. Under lung low buildings are acceptable continuous footings. Advantages of such basis: −простота devices; −цена; −возможность to equip the basement. Continuous footings are monolithic – fill in them on the place and the national teams – represent concrete blocks, precast.

Material for walls

Classical material for walls are the brick and tree. Wooden houses build of bar of coniferous breeds of trees. Walls from this material need finishing both internal, and external. Advantages of bar-shaped houses: −экологичные; −теплые, the tree has low coefficient of thermal conductivity; −гигроскопичные, the tree breathes. Unique building material – glued bar. It has the same properties, as the bar natural, at the same time does not shrink, has presentable appearance. The capital building will turn out brick. Brickwork – process slow and labor-consuming. Much quicker walls from gazo- or foam concrete blocks "grow". Inexpensive material therefore it is widely applied in country construction.

Roof device

Completion phase in construction of the mansion – mounting of roof. It consists: from the bearing part − rafters, furring and protecting – roofs. In individual construction establish wood duo-pitch rafter structure more often. The corner of bias of slopes depends on architecture, roofing material, weather conditions. The coating of roof has to be watertight, durable. Inexpensive slate, but fragile material. The tile has faultless exterior, strong, it is possible to refer difficult mounting to minuses. Metal tile – wearproof, but rather heavy material. The flexible roof is quickly mounted, universal – is applied on all types of roof, keeps within on the basis from plywood or RSD plates.

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