How to build fence

How to build fence

The fence is not only protection of the territory and designation of its borders, but also decorative element of the parcel. Now the question of the choice and correct construction of fence is especially relevant as presently besides seasonal dachas owner-occupied dwellings have become widespread.

The help of professionals is necessary for construction of some types of fences, but in certain cases it is possible to build fence the hands. For a start it is necessary to be defined what fence you would like to see on the site.

Wooden fences are distinguished by low cost and wide choice of forms and coloring. It is possible to construct both high solid fence, and easy translucent fencing for the front garden of tree. However such fences are short-lived as even when drawing protecting covers the tree will collapse under the influence of such natural phenomena as rain, frosts and heat.

Brick fences are one of the most durable. Having put up such fence, you will be able to be sure that it will serve also to you, and to your children, and will not demand any additional leaving. However brick fences expensive both because of the material, and because of complexity of process of preparation for its installation: preparation of the area under the base and installations of the base. Not less durable are concrete fences, however, despite the durability, such fences have durability and lack of need of care for them also essential minus: high cost of material and complexity of installation. Fences from the metal gauze are easy in installation, are cheap and besides significantly expand the areas under landing of useful cultures as do not create shadow on the site. However such fences are fragile, are weak protection against invasion and besides leave exposed-to-view all site that is not really pleasant for the people living there. Fences from professional flooring are cheap, easily available, simple in installation and are quite durable – they are capable to serve without additional leaving several decades. Besides, they really serve as protection against strangers. However they are not really attractive externally so they are good only if for you the practicality, but not beauty is priority. Even the people unfamiliar with joiner's skill can independently make some types of fences. The simplest examples – wooden fence and fence from professional flooring. Being guided by the simple instruction, you will be able to build fence. For construction of wooden fence at first it is necessary to dig out holes under the bearing columns. Holes become 1-1.5 meters in depth at distance about two and a half meters from each other. After installation of the bearing columns on them horizontal bars (or boards, depending on fence design) – one line from above, another from below fasten. This part of design is called grid. On grid vertical boards – or closely to each other, or with the set step fasten, depending on what fence we want to receive: continuous or lattice. The fence from professional flooring is also very simple in installation. For a start holes under the bearing columns of 0.8-1, 2 meters in depth become. Holes are filled with crushed stone not less than on twenty centimeters then in them metal columns are established. After that holes are filled in with concrete mix with sand – it is possible to take ready mix, and it is possible and to make it independently, at the rate of eight parts of sand on one part of concrete. After mix hardens, logs horizontally are welded on the bearing columns – them can be two or three, depending on fence dimensions. Then on the turned-out grid sheets of professional flooring by means of self-tapping screws fasten. The simplest ways of construction of fences the hands are that. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team