How to build foam concrete blocks

How to build foam concrete blocks

Foam concrete blocks (they are blocks from foam mortar and foam-concrete blocks) are rather new construction material. Produce them industrially under excessive pressure, mixing cement, sand and lime with impurity of aluminum powder (foaming agent). The received weight is spilled in form where it under natural conditions also stiffens. After that material is sawn on blocks.


1. To use foam-concrete blocks in construction of dachas and country houses very conveniently. Foam concrete blocks on the characteristics are very close to tree – they move perfectly out and drilled. Besides they are more durable than tree and are not afraid of fire at all. From the bricklayer the high qualification is not required to put up the whole wall from foam-concrete blocks.

2. To build the house of foam concrete blocks not so difficult as can seem at first sight. The walls made of this material will look very decently and will be rather strong.

3. Touch all stones on width and thickness and chamfer each of them (with bricks stove-setters sometimes act this way). Then without hurrying lay out walls on solution, using the level and plumb.

4. In the course of construction the handsof of the house from foam-concrete blocks you need to consider several factors. Walls which give all the best in half of the block leave rather thick quietly to hold heat. But at the expense of honeycomb, foam concrete blocks also moisture are absorbed.

5. To protect foam concrete blocks from moisture, it is necessary to lay couple of layers of roofing material on concrete foundation before beginning laying. If on the first floor to lay roofing material, and to make the second floor mansard type, then the turned-out broken roof perfectly will protect walls from foam-concrete blocks from any rain.

6. Roofs can be made of wave slate or professional flooring, and walls can be upholstered with lining inside. From external part of wall from foam concrete blocks it is necessary to chamfer and jam seams. As a result at you the quite good and beautiful house from foam-concrete blocks will turn out. At the same time it will cost you rather cheap.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team