How to build frame houses

How to build frame houses

It is quite simple to build the frame house if to know the sequence of works and what materials will be necessary. If to use some tools on processing of bar and boards, process of mounting of framework and roof will become simpler, and the speed of works will increase.

Inexpensive and reliable frame houses became symbol of modern housing construction. These buildings are built quite simply: special knowledge and skills will not be required. It is enough to builder to understand the main technology moments of each stage of construction, and its housing will meet the required standards.

Materials and tools which will be necessary for construction of the frame house

Any building of this type represents "skeleton" from the vertical support connected among themselves by horizontal bindings. This framework is sheathed on both sides plates of RSD. In space between racks put heater. The outer side of walls and subroofing space are protected waterproofing material.

For construction of the frame house plates of OSB from 9 mm thick, well dried up bar section 15/20 or 15/15 of cm, board of 5/15 and 5/20 cm, metal corners for connection of elements of framework, bracket for fastening of beams of the lower and top bindings, "pin" or anchor for pulling of bar to the base, heater, waterproofing material, nails, self-tapping screws on tree are necessary. From tools are necessary: the screw driver on accumulators, drill, levels construction and hydraulic, tape measure, hammers, the metal square, circular saw, face miter saw (for more exact sawing up of faces of boards and bar), surface gage (will help to make sawn timber identical by the size that will simplify and will accelerate mounting of framework and rafter system).

Stages of construction of the frame house

At first build supporting structure of the building – the base. For this purpose like constructions the bases will be the optimum choice melkozaglublenny tape or column. Any of them can be built the hands. Sequence of works following: division of land and installation of pegs, forming of trench or holes under columns, tamping and alignment of bottom of trench, roofing material laying (in 2-3 layers), dumping of sand and gravel, mounting of timbering, laying of the reinforcing framework, underpouring. On the base mount the lower binding from bar, then start installation of vertical support of framework (use boards), which from above connect horizontally laid bars (top binding). During mounting of framework the window and door openings strengthen horizontal crossbeams and vertical racks from the same boards. In order that it was possible to conduct works indoors, stack logs and lay floor boards. Further, start construction of rafter system. Each owner seeks to make roof as soon as possible to protect sawn timber from rain and snow. Therefore after installation of rafters mount waterproofing, furring and stack roofing material (metal tile, professional leaf, ondulin, etc.). If in the house the furnace is provided, for it fill in individual footing, build the oven and flue, remove pipe. Further, start external covering of walls OSB plates. Then from within rooms make laying of heater. Over it lay paroizolyatsionny membrane. By means of plates of OSB mount internal walls of the frame house. The next stage of works – mounting of finishing materials.

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