How to build house walls

How to build house walls

Processes of wall construction of the brick, block, frame house considerably differ. In each of them there are rules and features. Knowledge of construction method of walls from that material which is chosen will help to avoid mistakes in mounting of framework and laying of construction stones.

The technology of wall construction in each type of housing construction has the features. But there are moments uniting each of them. For example, irrespective of the used construction material (foam concrete blocks, brick, framework, adobe plates and so forth) the wall is put up only after laying on the base of waterproofing material. Its thickness has to meet the standards shown to premises. All walls need warming and protection against moisture, from outer side of the building mount material for finishing of facades.

How to build walls of blocks?

If as construction stone foam concrete block or gas-silicate are chosen, binding substance is required: special glue structure or cement and sand solution. In practice often use the glue mix "Trowel", "Will Win Against TM 17", "Zabudov", m of "KrepsKGB". These mixes allow to construct walls with masonry seam 2-3 mm thick that positively affects house thermal capacity. Many structures of type release it with antifreeze agents that allows to put up walls in cold season.

Foam and gas concrete are hygroscopic therefore the first row of blocks is not recommended to be stacked at the height below 40 cm from the surface of soil. The tape of the base has to be leveled, in corners lighthouses which will serve as reference point of height of each number of laying are exposed. Usually as lighthouses use the same blocks leveled by means of hydrolevel. Walls begin to build with the calculation of glue or cement structure and their uniform distribution on waterproofing material. In work use the toothed palette. According to marking install the block and line it with rubber mall until it does not reach the necessary position. Upon completion of construction of the same kind of stones, lighthouses transfer to following. It is important to follow the rule of laying: each subsequent row has to be displaced on ½ blocks rather previous.

How to build walls of the frame house?

In this type of housing construction process of wall construction less labor-consuming and long, than in brick or block laying. On the base, roofing material (or concrete is covered with bitumen or waterproof mastics) is laid, then the lower binding from wooden bar is mounted by section 15/20 or 15/15 see. This sawn timber is fixed on the base by means of metal "pins". Then start assembly of framework of wall. For this purpose take boards of 5/15 and 5/20 cm, establish them vertically and connect among themselves to the help of metal corners. Corner posts do doubled, located at right angle the friend at the friend. Over vertical support stack and fix bar. So mount the top binding. In framework, according to the project of the building, window and door openings have to be provided. These elements demand strengthening therefore in such places additional crossbeams and racks fix. Completion phase of construction of stud wall – covering plates of RSD not less than 9 mm thick.

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