How to build in gas ovens

How to build in gas ovens

The increasing popularity is gained by the built-in kitchen household appliances and, in particular, gas ovens. It is in such option separately from plate that allows to establish it at the level, necessary for you.


1. Considering the special nature of the gas equipment, it is better to entrust installation of oven to experts. It you guarantee yourself safety during its further use. But if all of you have decided to make it independently, be ready to fulfill certain very strict requirements on installation.

2. Equip premises of kitchen with permanent ventilation. After each use of cabinet well air kitchen.

3. As in gas oven there is lighting, make electric eyeliner with respect for all standards of safety – ground, install the corresponding socket in the available place. If in set of cabinet there is no voltage cable, then you should take such form of electrical wiring which is capable to maintain temperature not lower than 90 degrees of Page.

4. Other important requirement is strict compliance of the sizes and materials of furniture which the oven is built in. That good ventilation was supported, remove back wall niche and establish cabinet on 2 wooden rails. At placement of oven on uniform flat surface take care of that there was aperture about 45х560 mm.

5. For the benefit of fire safety for production of panels of the next cabinets use heat-resistant materials, and in the presence of facing facades – the special heat-resistant glue calculated on temperature up to 100 degrees of Page.

6. Fix oven in the prepared niche by means of self-tapping screws through special openings. You carry out connection to gas pipe-line only by means of copper pipe or flexible hoses from stainless steel with sealants between laying and hose. It is long hose should not exceed two meters, and it in order to avoid damages should not adjoin to driving parts.

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