How to build in gas surface

How to build in gas surface

Huge opportunities for individual planning of kitchen are given by the built-in equipment. It is possible even to place compactly necessary number of household appliances in small-sized kitchen. Under one table-top there can be both gas surface, and dish washer, etc. Metal finishing of panels of the built-in household appliances is elegant element of design of stylish kitchen.


1. Follow rules at placement in kitchen of the built-in equipment. Remember that the gas cooking surface has to be surrounded on both sides with table-top zone (from 40 mm). The wall of cabinet established closely will not allow to put big pan on ring. And you should wash constantly from fat drop wall.

2. Never establish cooking plate closely to washing. Splashes when washing ware will surely get on gas surface, polluting it. Leave the place for cutting of products here.

3. It is also undesirable to establish gas cooking surface near the fridge. Its wall will constantly heat up. The electronic fittings of the fridge should adapt to the changing temperature condition. It will worsen operating conditions of the compressor, will result in wear of the unit and overexpenditure of electrical energy.

4. Mount locker between these devices or provide the minimum distance between them at least 15 cm. If dimensions of kitchen do not allow to make it, use the heatreflecting foil directing warmly back to gas surface. The heat-insulation layer of the fridge at such care will not become useless.

5. Park the dish or washing car under cooking surface. It if the gas panel is commensurable with table-top thickness. Do not forget about foil which will warmly reflect towards source.

6. Under the built-in gas surface there can be drawers for storage of frying pans, pans and so forth utensils. Only provide the inflow of air stream cooling the plate bottom. It is reached by means of perforation or grid.

7. Gas cooking surface and oven you can arrange as in classical option – one above another, and separately. The general authorities are in the first case on the front panel of cabinet. In the second case get cooking surface with independent authorities.

8. Competently and responsibly approach question of planning of work area of kitchen. The built-in equipment, at observance of certain rules of its mounting, will make your kitchen convenient, practical and stylish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team