How to build in household appliances

How to build in household appliances

Recently the built-in household appliances are incredibly popular and not only because perfectly looks, but also that, building in household appliances, it is possible to save useful area considerably.

  • Household appliances, furniture.

1. Make sure that the acquired furniture by the sizes corresponds to household appliances which will be built in.

2. Decide on type of mounting of the built-in household appliances. Distinguish several types of mounting. The first – embedding in box. This type can be used for small home household appliances. The second option – open mounting mode, that is that case when the household appliance is built in, but structurally it does not contact furniture. The third way – embedding of household appliances in table-top: it is rather often used at installation of cooking surfaces, fridges, washing machines and the other equipment. The fourth option – embedding by the principle of "dominoes": from small blocks modules as if the mosaic, is created work area.

3. Taking into account the way chosen by you install the built-in household appliances in the "niche" provided for its placement. Fix the device.

4. Connect device power supply to the socket having grounding. It is necessary to connect directly, that is without using extenders and adapters.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team