How to build in ironing board

How to build in ironing board

That you had not to look for the place in your apartment for ironing board any more, it needs just to be built in cabinet. This way is convenient for storage of this useful subject in economy.

It is required to you

  • - pencil;
  • - tape measure;
  • - film;
  • - angular grinder;
  • - timber frame construction;
  • - points;
  • - respirator;
  • - wooden bar;
  • - panel board;
  • - wooden rails;
  • - vacuum cleaner;
  • - loops;
  • - handle;
  • - rim lock;
  • - hinges.


1. Prepare the place for cabinet where the ironing board will be stored. Note lines on which it is necessary to execute aperture. The cabinet needs to be constructed so that wall-paper in the room has not been spoiled. For the organization of aperture under cabinet you need to use the angular grinder for cutting (Bulgarian). Pick up the tool with diamond wheel of 23 cm.

2. Protect your room from dust which is inevitably formed when using the Bulgarian. For this purpose fence off place of work by means of polyethylene film, having pulled it on specially made framework from wooden rails. Put on respirator that parts of dust have not got into your lungs. Work needs to be carried out wearing spectacles which will protect your eyes at the procedure.

3. Make door of cabinet and its framework of tree, for example, from oak, nut, or beech. You need the bar having section 65 on 25 mm about 4 m. Also you need to buy the panel, the sizes of 1600 by 45 by 16 mm. If necessary this panel can be assembled from boards. To make fastening to cabinet framework partition, prepare rails with a section 85 at 15 mm and of 4.5 m.

4. Cut aperture the angular grinder. That dust did not accumulate, quickly remove it the vacuum cleaner. Establish framework in aperture, having fixed it by means of screws. On framework it is necessary to attach loops on which the cabinet door will keep.

5. Hang up cabinet door on loops. Do not forget to fasten the handle to door and to put rim lock that the cabinet did not open.

6. Fix ironing board in aperture by hinges which need to be installed on framework. Establish board so that her leg which will serve as support when unfolding leaned back and could be recorded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team