How to build in the fridge

How to build in the fridge

Emergence of household appliances has considerably simplified work of housewives. And embedding of this equipment has made its use more convenient. The fridge, being the main device in kitchen, too it can be established in various options of embedding.


1. The built-in fridges are special type of household appliances. Release their such trademarks as AEG, Neff of Miele, Nardi, Ariston, Gorenje, Siemens, Electrolux, Bosch, Liebherr, Ardo, Kaiser, Whirlpool, Zanussi. As a rule, even devices of economy class are more expensive than separate analogs. When choosing be guided by dimensions of your equipment and by design of the fridge.

2. Plus of the majority of such fridges is separate placement of refrigerating and freezing cameras. The fridge can be placed in work area of the housewife, and to put the freezing chamber in any free space out of it. Depending on model, the built-in fridge can be installed behind set door if there is a wish to lead all space of kitchen to single style solution, or with the open front panel if you buy the fridge with the beautiful electronic control panel. In this case attuning of the fridge happens without opening of doors.

3. Ways of fastening of facade to fridge two: - hinged way. In this case the door of the fridge and facade connect in uniform monolith. At the same time the door opens on corner to 115o; - by means of runners. At such way of rail manage the movement of door of the fridge. Minus this way in dirt skaplivaniye between door and facade and also the small angle of opening of door – up to 90 lakes.

4. Installation of the built-in fridge with bias in 2 degrees is obligatory back. It is necessary in order that the door was with guarantee closed, and the fridge did not remain open.

5. If you want to build in the normal fridge, then will face several problems. First, it enough large dimensions that reduces space for maneuvers. Secondly, it is difficult to attach facade to it. If you want to remove the fridge from eyes, then collect for it cupboard in which it will be.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team