How to build in the normal fridge

How to build in the normal fridge

The fridge often occupies rather big space in kitchen and sometimes just costs out of place. The built-in fridges partly allow to solve the aforesaid problem, but if its acquisition is too expensive for you, then you have opportunity to build in the normal fridge.

It is required to you

  • - normal (nevstarivayemy) fridge;
  • - materials for the box device (tree, wood-shaving plate, gypsum cardboard and other);
  • - tools - the hammer, nails, drill, self-tapping screws;
  • - self-adhesive film (paint or wall-paper), tape measure and pencil.


1. Define the place for integration of the fridge. As a rule, it is niche between other functional parts of complete kitchen. The fridge has to look organically and its future position will be defined by the general visual embodiment of interior of your kitchen.

2. Measure exact dimensions of your fridge then make room for box. Begin to collect box. It is better to do bottom iron, it will protect the equipment from overheating and further burn-out. The box can be made of Ljubo of material convenient to you, the main hitch is in that it was combined with other parts of set. You can use wall-paper or self-adhesive film which ornament will be almost identical to the Wednesday surrounding the fridge.

3. Drill in box all necessary openings for electrical wires. Approximately measure whether the box will prevent you to open and to close doors of the fridge and its freezing chamber.

4. After the box is built, you have to pass to such procedure as installation of the built-in fridge which actually is normal. The fridge has to rise exactly and densely. You can close up the formed openings rubber sealant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team