How to build in the TV wall

How to build in the TV wall

Embedding of TVs in walls became very relevant recently. It allows to increase space which so sometimes is not enough in small apartments. Also built-in TV gives to design of the house or apartment laconicism and style.

It is required to you

  • TV, bracket, dowel, gypsum cardboard, assembly box.


1. Choose the most convenient location for embedding of the TV in wall. It is recommended to do it at the height of one and a half meters. Fastening is carried out thanks to the special panel and bracket with use of dowels not less than 30 mm. Consider that on the TV direct sunshine that perception of the picture did not worsen should not get.

2. Make sure that your wall will sustain loading from the TV. Do not forget that when embedding the TV in wall you should remove all wires from the antenna and other video equipment. For this purpose perfectly the plastic assembly box will approach. Paste over it with wall-paper or disguise wall by means of gypsum cardboard. It is possible to try to design artificial niches. As wall smooth or glass surfaces of furniture are very often used. In the switched-off look such TVs are almost imperceptible.

3. Remember that embedding of the TV assumes such its use within several years. At the same time it is necessary to check natural ventilation, not to allow arrangement near heating and heating appliances, it can harmful affect your health and health. Do not load space near the freezing-up TV various regiments and other home decoration.

4. Before embedding of the TV think over leading of the electric power. Such issues are resolved at repair as the hidden carrying out wires has to conform to all safety requirements. Address for consultation the electrician, he will be able to examine your house, to check suitability of wiring and to carry out necessary preparatory work before further equipment installation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team