How to build low houses

How to build low houses

Low construction is intended to become alternative to multifamily houses, accommodation in which is not so convenient for citizens. Modern construction materials and technologies allow to build inexpensive comfortable low houses.

Today to build the low house no more than a month in most cases is required. But it is possible in the presence of all materials and the tool that will provide the continuity of works. Leaders of low construction – karkasnik, constructions from foam concrete blocks and sendvich-panels. Reliable brick houses demand considerably big investments and are built more slowly. Constructions from bar and log demand time for shrinkage and permanent care of housing because of sawn timber usykhaniye. Therefore this technology of housing construction more often concedes to frame.

How to build low houses on frame technology?

Frame and panel houses differ in the high level of heatsaving. This housing is comfortable, ecologically safe, economic. Construction of the frame house requires bar for mounting of the top and lower bindings, boards for framework and rafters, plates of RSD, heater (the minvat or sheet polyfoam), feature connectors (two-T-shaped plates, metal corners, anchor).

The base for lungs frame potroyek can be the most inexpensive: melkozaglublenny tape or column. But the choice of type of the basis in many respects depends on what conditions in the site. So, if soil on the site mobile, is better to make monolithic plate. If underground waters close, it is necessary to carry out drainage communications and to bury the base below soil freezing point. Over the basis lay cloths of waterproofing (roofing material) or process concrete special water-repellent mastics. Then stack bar of binding and mount the lower overlapping. Further, build framework and tie with its bar by analogy with lower. So form the top binding. To avoid overwetting of sawn timber, right after the device of framework build rafter system and mount roof. Then start covering of walls of the house. For this purpose traditionally use plates of RSD, but it is possible to take moisture resistant plywood and normal boards. From internal rooms in apertures between racks of framework stack heater. If polyfoam is used, between its sheets and wood of framework there are gaps. These intervals need to be filled with polyurethane foam. Then carry out vnutrennyu covering plates of RSD and start finishing of rooms and facade.

Low houses on several apartments

In the last decades such format of construction as low houses with apartments violently develops. In the large cities there are whole areas which are built up with buildings of this type. Such housing is in great demand as it is much more convenient to live in it. Generally low houses of this type consist of 2-3 floors. They differ from townhouses in the fact that apartments are grouped in entrances, without having separate entrance for everyone.

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