How to build of the gas-block

How to build of the gas-block

At construction from gas-blocks it is necessary to consider land relief. The strong and reliable base is also necessary. Important at construction from this material of any construction competently to calculate thickness of walls that it was not necessary to use accessory thermal insulation materials then. The gas-block consists of cement, lime and sand. Is eco-friendly material which is applied in low construction, in particular to construction of garage or utility rooms.

It is required to you

  • - concrete;
  • - armature;
  • - special glue;
  • - waterproofing.


1. Prepare the project for construction of garage from the gas-block. For this purpose it is possible to use already ready models with which pages of the Internet dazzle, or to develop the individual option, having connected to this process of good designers.

2. Make laying of the foundation. For garage from gas-blocks it will be required plate. Thickness of the base has to be not less than 30 cm. Carry out reinforcing to two layers. Bottom reinforcement removes stress from the earth, and top weakens pressure of upper part of the building. At first prepare trench on perimeter of future garage, on bottom establish timbering, you carry out reinforcing by metal mountings and then fill in with concrete. The base can be built also from gas-blocks. In this case dig trench of one meter in depth, fill pillow from sand. Then prepare the reinforced basis and lay on it base layer from gas-blocks.

3. Construct walls. The main thing at this stage to watch that the laying was ideally equal, if necessary straighten by means of rubber hammer. To work with the gas-block occupation easy. It is easily cut even by the simple hand saw, is easy on weight therefore one person can make laying. The linking element is glue, only the first row is put on cement slurry. The layer of solution and glue has to be minimum as the excessive thickness of seam significantly increases heatlosses.

4. Make in garage of gas-blocks ventilation, the best option - forced-air and exhaust. Do not forget about warming and waterproofing. The three-layer system which solves three problems at once is recommended: thermal insulation, noise isolation and waterproofing. The first layer - polyfoam or fiber glass, the second - the polyethylene providing waterproofing, the third - finishing. Gypsum cardboard which surface then is plastered and becomes covered with finishing material can serve as the third layer.

5. Make gable roof, as covering use ondulin or metal tile. Construction of garage from gas-blocks is allowed to be saved considerably. Such construction does not cause great difficulties and does not demand a lot of time. The garage will be warm, strong and will serve for many years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team