How to build penthouse

How to build penthouse

It is necessary to think of construction of penthouse still before construction of the house is begun. To use attic-floor room, having converted it into inhabited, it is the correct way for increase in living space without serious monetary investments.

1. At observance of several conditions it is quite possible to carry out construction of penthouse and after the house is already constructed and populated. First of all, count whether will sustain loading from the second floor the base of the house and its load bearing walls. If yes, define the location of the ladder conducting on penthouse. Then make the plan of all technology distributings indoors (water, the sewerage, power supply, heating services). It is necessary in order that at construction of penthouse to connect them quickly and without problems.

2. Having begun construction, take all measures to compression of terms of works since your manned house for some time will remain without roof. For dismantling of roof choose Sukhoi season (better summer). First of all, to protect already existing house from bad weather, cover it. Begin construction of penthouse with roof, is more true from its basis – rafter system. New dual-slop, broken under arrangement of penthouse, the roof has to lean on rafter system, the basis for which are the old walls of the house (located on perimeter and load bearing walls in the building). To reduce load of them, establish extensions between feet of a rafter at the room height of penthouse and provide their rigid fastening. They will protect walls from the efforts transferred by rafters. Fix the basis of rafter system on external and main walls indoors. After installation of rafter system make furring and lay roofing material.

3. Determine borders of future room of penthouse by the plan. Its height will be limited to height of arrangement of the top extension between feet of a rafter. And width: minimum - length of this extension, maximum - possibility of use of space from floor to inclination of foot of a rafter. Fix form of penthouse, sheathing it by the size wooden board. Lay out pediment blocks from foam concrete and establish in it windows. Between roof and ceiling of penthouse leave space for ventilation. Attach thermal insulation layer to ceiling and walls. Then establish vapor barrier layer with the foiled covering in penthouse. Fix by self-tapping screws to walls and ceiling wooden grid from bars of 40х20 mm for the subsequent fastening to it finishing wall covering.

4. Execute the device of floor as well as the device of walls. The difference only that the layer of vapor barrier is not necessary and as finishing covering is possible use of laminate, board with the chosen quarter or other floor covering.

5. Install ladder and the planned sanitary equipment (bathroom, toilet bowl, sink). Your penthouse is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team